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Competitions involving teams from more than one league within a single district. These competitions are
sanctioned by the District Tournament Coordinator or District Commissioner and are not limited to approved
tournament weekends. Intra-District Competitions, which are not included on the CYSA Tournament Calendar,
shall be approved by the District Tournament Coordinator and/or District Commissioner and will comply with all
appropriate CYSA policies, procedures, rules and regulations. (Examples of a district event are District Cup,
District Tournament of Champions, or a tournament involving only teams from the hosting district.)


Rationale: This is a user guide to direct the sponsor of an event on the steps involved with the approval process of that event. An event has an advantage in that there is less paperwork, only requires the District Commissioner for final approval and the event coordinator has much latitude in determining the event specifics. The event may be on any weekend of the year, unlike CYSA tournaments which are restricted to certain specific weekends.
  • The person wishing to sponsor an event must complete the District Event form and have it signed by the league president and district commissioner.
  • Develop a master schedule with days of the months and list all the steps of the process with the allotted amount of time for each. Some steps may be concurrent while others are sequential.
  • Choose a weekend that does not conflict with other major CYSA tournaments so as to assure a better chance of hiring referees and having fields available.
  • Those teams applying to play in the event must complete an application and submit it to the event coordinator. No league or district approval is required for the teams.
  • The package submitted to the league president must include:
    • 1. Application forms for hosting and team applications.
    • 2. Listing of event playing rules; which include the following but are not limited to the following:
      • A. who needs coaching passes?
      • B. who will supply referees?
      • C. if any players are currently serving a discipline requiring sitting out, they cannot participate until the discipline is completed. Each game of the event counts towards the discipline.
      • D. how teams are checked in and players verified.
      • E. what are the lengths of games by age group.
      • F. describe the scoring system for wins, ties, losses and forfeits.
      • G. how ties are settled in individual games?
      • H. how ties are settled in flights?
      • I. what is the refund policy?
      • J. playing schedules, with field directions, will be furnished 14 days prior to the event.
      • K. how tardy a team may be before the game is cancelled?
      • L. what is the penalty for a team who does not show up for it’s game?
      • M. withdrawals must be received in writing within 14 days prior to the event.
      • N. what is the application deadline date?
      • O. acceptances and rejections will be sent out within 7 days after the application deadline.
      • P. what are the entry fees and how should the fees be submitted, ie: money order, check, no cash?
      • Q. guest players, if allowed, must be registered in D6.
      • R. Teams will be notified within 10 days after the application deadline date if the event is to be cancelled.
      • S. Appeals of discipline must be made to district VI.


  • A. what the prizes are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?
  • B. number of games guaranteed
  • C. reminder of spectator behavior.
  • D. follow the CYSA tournament rules for “add” and “guest” players.
  • E. how will incomplete applications be handled?
  • F. will “fill in teams” be used, are they charged an entry fee, do they count against the standings.
  • Coordinate with club referee coordinator as to the availability of referees and who will assign them.
  • Select fields and check on their availability and condition.
  • Develop a seeding methodology, playing schedule and referee schedule. Playing schedule should include a minimum of 2 hours between games for individual teams.
  • Send out notifications of acceptances and denials with playing schedules and field directions. Also include nearby motels and restaurants
  • Provide a central meeting site to focus questions, standings and medical problems.
  • Provide for restroom facilities.

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