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A competition involving more than two teams in which each team plays multiple games and is limited to no more than 3 age divisions of 8 teams each, for a maximum of 24 teams. Jamborees are sanctioned by the District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee and/or District Tournament Coordinator of the host district. No league or group may host a jamboree without the prior written permission of the District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee or the District Tournament Coordinator as the District Commissioner’s designee. Jamborees will comply with CYSA policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Districts may establish jamboree policies and procedures that are more restrictive than those indicated in the CYSA tournament manual. Jamborees may be held on any weekend. No league or group hosting a jamboree may charge a team any fees other than those necessary to pay for costs actually and reasonably incurred in hosting the jamboree and in no event shall the fees charged exceed $200.00 per team without the approval of the District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee or District Tournament Coordinator based on written justification for a fee in excess of $200.00 submitted at the time the league or group applies for permission to host a jamboree. Jamborees may not keep standings. Jamborees may not give awards in any form unless the same award is given to every participant in the jamboree. Jamborees are to be operated on a "not for profit" basis. Jamborees are not included on the CYSA Tournament Calendar. Teams from outside the host district must receive approval of their District Commissioner, District Commissioner Designee and/or District Tournament Coordinator prior to participating in the jamboree.


Your jamboree may be placed on the District VI website Jamboree Calendar before it is formally approved by your League President and the District VI Commissioner. The jamboree will not be legal until you have followed the procedures to host a jamboree and it has been approved.

Pre-approval is necessary to play in or host a Jamboree. It is the responsibility of the coach or team manager to notify their League President who will request approval from the District Commissioner. The form used for the approval process is located on the District website (

Without pre-approval the insurance coverage, both medical and liability, will not be in effect for the team (s).

1: Download “Request to Host a Jamboree” Form
2: Fill out the “Request to Host a Jamboree” and mail to your League President (Click here to find out who your League President is).
Include a note to your League President to please forward the application to the District VI Commissioner.
Include a stamped, self address envelope to the District VI Commissioner (see form for address).
If you request it the commissioner will FAX the approved form to you when complete or will it back to you if you include a stamped, self addressed made out to yourself.

How much can I charge for an entry fee?

CYSA dictate you can not charge over $200.00. Any amount above $200.00 must be approved by the District VI Commissioner. Keep in mind the entry fees collected can not exceed the cost to put the event on.

There are other creative ways to fund raise at a jamboree such as snack bar, t-shirts sales, venders, raffles etc.

Date:     7/30/2004
To:        District VI League Presidents; District VI Board Members
From:    Kathy Ayala
RE:        Jamborees

  1. If you as League President have a team going to a Jamboree within District VI, you may sign the Jamboree form (Kathy does not need to sign it).

  2. If you as League President have a Division I team going outside of District VI for a Jamboree, Kathy will need to sign the Jamboree form.

  3. Under-10, Division III and IV teams may not leave District VI to participate in a Jamboree.

  4. Under-10 Division IV teams may only play in one (1) Jamboree per year and they may only play Division VI teams.

  5. Under-10 Division III teams may only play in four (4) Jamborees per year and they may not play on consecutive weekends.

  6. Under-10 Division I teams may only play in four (4) Jamborees per year.  They may not play on consecutive weekends.  They may play any CYSA-N team in or out of District VI.

  7. The District Commissioner will still need to sign the Jamboree form if you have a League, Club or Team that wants to host a Jamboree.

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